Create lists/review files – Import records

Create lists has a new feature that allows you to create a review file by importing a file of record numbers. By ‘record number’ this means the Sierra unique record number – the ‘p number’ (patrons), ‘b number’ (bibliographic) etc. This doesn’t allow you to import barcodes or ISBNs.

It’s really easy to use. Put your record numbers into a single column, with no header, and save as a text (.txt) file (I usually copy/paste from a column in Excel into Notepad) e.g.


In Sierra, go to Create Lists. Choose an empty review file with a big enough capacity (if you have your record numbers in Excel, it should be easy to tell how many records there are).

import records

Give the review file a name and then use ‘Choose File’ to find your saved file of record numbers. You should see the record numbers you are about to import listed on the screen:

import records 2

If you don’t see a list of records numbers after using the ‘Choose File’, there is probably something not right about your file. Check that it contains only record numbers and is saved as a plain text (.txt) file.

Click Import and the records will be added to a review file.


I recommend to always export the ‘record number’ when you export data from Sierra. This will make it easy to run batch updates on the records at a later date, by using ‘import records’ to collect the records in a review file on which you can perform global updates.

For example, if you’re doing a withdrawals project and you identify a large number of records as ‘missing’, you could identify these records in Excel, batch import the record numbers into Sierra and update all the items to have status ‘missing’.



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