Create lists/Review file – getting started

  1. To get started, go to the Create Lists function in Sierra

Create list - function

2. Choose an empty review file. These are easy to identify. The Name, Type, Login and Created [date/time] fields will all be blank, the Status is “empty” and the Current Records field will be 0.

Empty files

The Max Records column tells you the capacity of a review file. Some files are able to hold thousands of records, and some only 200. Choose a review file that has a big enough capacity for your needs but try not to wildly over-estimate (this become easier with practice!) Only use the largest capacity files when required as these are in high demand by the tech services teams who do batch imports and exports of tens of thousands of records at a time.

3. Highlight your chosen, empty, file and click the ‘Search Records’ button.

4. Give your review file a name. It’s good practice to start with your initials, which makes it easy for you (and others) to find all your review files later. Then give your review file a meaning full name that describes the contents.

Name review file

5. Choose what type of records to store. For example, if you want a list of patrons with overdue items, store patron records. If you want a list of eBooks, store bibliographic records.

store record type

6. The next line specifies the range of records to be searched. Usually you can leave this as the default ‘range’, which will apply your search to all records in Sierra.


7. Now you need to build up your search strategy. In this example we want to find all patrons who have more than 10 items checked out. Let’s look at a patron record to see how we can identify the correct records.


The Current Checkouts field is a count of number of items currently checked out, so this should suit our requirements.

In create lists, enter your search terms. Double click in each field to open a pop-up box with all available options e.g.


Operator – This is always blank for a one line search. You need to enter an Operator when you have more than one search term.

Type – the type of record that contains the ‘number of checkouts’ field is Patron

Field – the field name is Current Checkouts

Condition – we want ‘more than 10 items checked out’ so select the operator ‘greater than’ >

Value A – we want patrons with ‘more than 10′ checkouts so enter ’10’

Value B – leave blank. This only needs to be filled in when you use specific Boolean operators such as ‘between’ where you need a start and end value.

When you have filled in your search criteria, it’s a good idea to check the box  below where your search is expressed as a sentence. This can sometimes help you identify if you’ve made any errors:


‘PATRON Current checkouts greater than 10’ sounds correct. If you are happy, click the Search button to tell Sierra to run the search.

7. When your search has finished, you will find it in the list of review files with a status Complete


Double-click the file name or select the file and click the ‘Show Records’ button to view the records Sierra has found that match your search criteria.

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