Create Lists/Review Files – enhanced version

Did you notice that since our last Sierra upgrade there are some new features available within Create Lists? One of these is the ‘Enhanced’ option. This is a more intuitive way to build your search than the current (‘Classic’) version of create lists. It’s also much quicker  to build a search when you need to list multiple options (e.g. a list of item statuses; a list of patron types; a list of item locations).


Below are two ways to find all items with status missing, lost or withdrawn. The first strategy is similar to the way you’d do this in classic ‘create lists’, though a little easier as you only need to input the ‘item status’ selection once.

item status equals to

The second way is even easier. It uses the new ‘In’ operator, which is described in the manual as follows:

Use the In operator to find results that match at least one of any number of operands. This operator is equivalent to specifying multiple equal to terms linked with Boolean OR operators. For example, to create a review file of bib records that match any of a dozen locations, use the In operator and specify the 12 valid locations as operands.

In practice it looks like this:

in operator

You use the little ‘x’ buttons to the right to add a new line. It takes a bit of adjustment when you’re used to Classic create lists but it’s a huge time saver when building these kinds of lists.

One drawback is that you can’t save your search strategy as you can in Classic. However this option is coming soon in the next Sierra upgrade.

UPDATE: You can now use Saved Search with enhanced searches.

Give it a try!






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