Create Lists/Review Files – Quick Tips – Show Info

When you’ve run a review file and the results aren’t what you expected, use the ‘Show Info’ button to quickly review your search strategy.

Suppose I want to find items that have status MISSING or LOST at the Law libraries. I run a review file but on looking through it I can see that it contains many items with status Available at GIP. I can review my search by clicking on ‘Show Info’.

Show Info

At first glance the search seems ok but if I break it down I can see where I went wrong.

The Boolean OR operator effectively combines 2 different searches. Any item that matches either the first search or the second search will be added to the review file. The two searches can be stated as follows:

  1. ITEM location starts with ‘lw’ and item status is either ‘m’ or ”l’


2. ITEM location starts with ‘gi’

I’ve failed to limit the search to items at location ‘gi’ with the item status ‘m’ and ‘l’. Let’s try again.

Show Info 2

This time the search works. Translated into more human language, the Boolean statement above becomes:

The item location starts with either ‘gi’ or ‘li’ AND the item status is either ‘m’ or ‘l’


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