Create Lists/Review Files – Exporting records 2

In the previous post we looked at selecting data to export. This post will show you how to import the data into Excel.

Save and Export

The bottom half of the Export screen asks a number of questions about how you want to format your data export. Usually you can accept the default options- I will look at these in more detail later.

You must choose where to save your file. Click the Browse button to the right of the File field

browse and save

In the pop-up window, navigate to where you want to save the file and name your file in the File Name box


Click Save and then OK to export.

Import into Excel

To import into Excel, first open Excel. In a new document, go to File> Open and browse to where you saved your file. Remember, Sierra exported the file as a .txt file type so you will need to look for ‘all files’ not ‘All Excel Files’ or you will not be able to see your file.

all files

Text Import Wizard

Excel will present you with a ‘text import window’ box. I recommend making the selections below (though these may change if you did not choose the default Export options in Sierra).

Step 1

Choose file type ‘Delimited’ and click Next

Excel data type

Step 2

Tick delimiter ‘Comma’

In the bottom panel you should see your data divide into neat columns when you tick this.

Click Next

Excel comma delimited

Step 3

Change the data format to ‘Text’. If your data contains any numbers such as barcodes or ISBNs this is really important to prevent Excel from transforming the data and removing leading 0’s (see example below)

Excel barcodes

First, click on the first column in Data Preview. Hold down the SHIFT key. Use your mouse to scroll to the last column in Data Preview and click on this column. Release the SHIFT key. All columns should now be highlighted in black.

Second, select the radio button Text and click Finish

Excel - text

You should now have a nicely formated Excel spreadsheet.


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