Create lists/Review files – quick tips – change stored record type

Sometimes it’s useful to change the type of record stored in a review file- e.g. from Bibliographic to Item, or Item to Patron. This can be particularly useful if you want to be able to search for data that isn’t available in the record type you want to output. For example you cannot create a review file of item records linked to specific fund codes. Because item records and order records (where fund codes are to be found) are not linked records, it is not possible to ‘store’ item records and search order records. Instead you can ‘store’ bibliographic records (which are linked to order records), then transform your review file of bib records into one containing item records.

This is easy to do, as follows. In this example we will convert a review file containing bib records into one containing item records.

Step 1

Identify an empty review file of appropriate capacity and click Search Records

empty file

Note: If you are changing Bibs to Items, your review file will need to have a higher capacity than the number of bib records stored, as bib records are often linked to multiple item records

Step 2

1. Give your review file a name

2. Select the type of record you want to store

3. Change from Range to Review and select the existing review file you want to change from bib to items

4. Click Search

convert records

Step 3


Sometimes, you might want to Dedupe (deduplicate) your new file. For example, if you are converting a review file from Item to Bib records, you may find that the same bib records are listed in your new review file multiple times, due to the many-to-one relationship between item and bib records. To deduplicate, just select your review file and click the Dedupe button.


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