Create Lists/Review Files – Exporting records 1

Exporting data from a review file

The Export Records function in Create Lists allows you to export data from Sierra.

Export button

Click on your review file and then on the Export Records button to start.

Select fields to exported

The first step is to choose what information you want to export from Sierra. You start from a ‘blank slate’ -i.e. no data is exported by default – so you need to list each and every field that contains the information you need.

export no fields

Double click to select a record type and field, using the Append or Insert buttons to add more fields until you have listed everything you need.

To ge the best results you need to know two things:

  1. Which record types are available to you in your export?
  2. Which fields contain the information you need?

Record Types

The first field in the Export screen is Type. When you double-click in this field Sierra asks you to choose a Record Type. Which record type you select will depend on

  • what field contrains the information you require
  • which record types are available to you

Export - record types

The record types available for export changes depending on what record type is stored in your review file. You can only export information from the stored record type and any linked records. If you are not sure what type of records you have stored, you can see this in the Type columntype

The letter represents the Sierra record type;


b= bibliographic




For example, if your review file contains patron records, you can export data from any field that exists in a patron record. You can also export item information if the patron has any items currently checked out. While an item is checked out, the patron and item record are temporarily linked (until the item is checked back in in Sierra).

So if you have a review file of patron records you can export, for example:

  • Patron name
  • Patron barcode
  • Item barcode (for any items currently checked out)
  • Item due date (for any items currently checked out)

Export - patron itemPNG

You can’t export title or author information because title/author information is stored in bibliographic (bib) records and patron records are not linked to bib records.

However it is possible to export patron, item AND bib data at the same time if, instead of creating a review file to store patron records, you create a review file to store item records. Item records are linked to bib records so when exporting data from an item review file you can export:

  • Patron name (if the item is currently checked out)
  • Patron barcode (if the item is currently checked out)
  • Item barcode
  • Item due date
  • Bib title
  • Bib author

Export - bib patron item

I’ve listed the primary record relationships at the bottom of this post.


When you have selected a record type you can select specifc fields to export. If you are unsure which fields hold the information you need, look at some records in Sierra to identify the field names.

Suppose you want to know how many items a group of patrons currently have on loan, plus any fines or charges outstanding and the date on which they last interacted with the library. If you look at any patron record you can easily identify which fields contain the relevant information.

Export - patron fields

If you also want to know which items the patrons have on loan that are overdue, you can identify the fields you need by looking at an item record.

Export - patron item fields

You can now list the fields to export in Create Lists

Export - circulation fields

Record relationships


  • Items (if there are items attached)
  • Orders (if there are orders attached)
  • Checkins (if there are checkins attached)

Bib records can exist without being linked to any other records, if there are no item, order or checkins attached.

ITEM – linked to

  • Bib
  • Patron (temporarily link when the item is checked out to a patron)

Items records are ALWAYS linked to a bib record. An item record cannot exist by itself with no linked bib.


  • Item (temporary link when an item is checked out to the patron)


  • Bib

Order records are ALWAYS linked to a bib record. An order record cannot exist by itself with no linked bib.


  • Bib

Checkin records are ALWAYS linked to a bib record. A checkin record cannot exist by itself with no linked bib.

Note that orders and items are not linked record types. The only way to export order and item information together is by storing bib records in your review file.


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