Sierra Create Lists – bugs and known issues

The migration from Millennium to Sierra has unfortunately introduced a number of bugs to the Create Lists module. This blog will keep track of some of these bugs as we come across them.


If you SORT a review file (by e.g. Title) and then do a second sort (by e.g. Record Number) the number of records in the review file may decrease, so you may ‘lose’ a few records from your original count.

Items and Orders

If your review file contains items or order records, when you double click to open the item/order record you would expect to be taken to that record within it’s parent bib record. Instead, Sierra opens the bib record in the Summary tab with the first item or order record selected.

This is also happening in other areas of Sierra.

review files and items

There is a workround for this. Use the record browse (i.e., “CTRL-]” and”CTRL-[“) to move to the next item record in the list and then back to the first. The actual item record from the list should then be selected in the summary display (or item edit window). As long as you continue to use the CTRL-] to move through the records, the item records from the list should be selected in the summary display (or item edit window).

“Starts With” operator

Searching on ‘MARC TAG’  ‘STARTS WITH’ retrieves 0 results.

This search works:

BIBLIOGRAPHIC  OCLC #  starts with  “ss”

This search fails:

BIBLIOGRAPHIC  MARC Tag 001  starts with  “ss”

They should retrieve almost identical results.

Fixed field and “equal to” or “not equal to” [blank]

Searching on “fixed field equals (or not equals) [blank] or empty” fails with an error for the following fixed fields:

Bibliographic records: Date fields, Skip and Number of Revisions
Item records: Due Date, ICODE1, Loan Rule, No. of Overdues, Patron#, Total Checkouts, Checkout Date, Last Checkin, Last Checkout Date, Recall Date, Inventory Date, Year-to-Date Circ, Last Year Circ, Updated Date, Total Renewals, Copy Use, Internal Use
Order records: CDATE, ODATE, RDATE
Patron records: Birth date, Expiration date, Last Circ Activity, Total checkouts, Total renewals, Current checkouts, Current Item A – D, Ptype, Claims returned, Block until

You can try this method of searching instead:

use Create Lists in Sierra’s e (exist) logical operator for “not equal to nothing” and the n (not exist) operator for “equal to nothing”.

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