How to add a module node to RLO

Occasionally when you try and add a list to the hierarchy in RLO you will find the relevant module code does not exist. This might occur if it is a new module or where a ‘meta-module’ (combined module) has been created in Moodle. When this happens you can create the node manually and then attach your list to the node.

There are a couple of ways of doing this. Here’s one way.

You need to attach the node to the correct place in the RLO hierarchy so start by clicking on the ‘Browse hierarchy’ button.

Node - browse heirarchy

Next choose the correct School

Node - School

Then Department

Node - department

When you are at Deparment level, use the ‘add new’ button

Node - add new

Enter the details as follows.

Type = Module

Name = module title

Code = module code. This must match the module code in Moodle- see the blog Moodle and the RLO dashboard link for more details.

Node - new module

Save your node. Now you can edit your list and attach it to your new hierchy node.

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