New reports in Reading Lists Online

Talis have been working on a new suite of reports for RLO and these are now available in our system. The first improvement is that the data is live, where the old reports were up to 24 hours out of sync. I’ve highlighted some of the other improvements below.

All Lists report

In the All Lists report you can now search for Draft lists and lists with unpublished changes. Previously there was no way to know how many unpublished lists were on the system.

Old report                                                                New report

List Status

You can also search for archived lists, by date archived or by name of the archiver

archived lists

The report outputs extra information, including the List Creator, the Last Published date and who completed a list review (if anyone). Up to now it wasn’t possible to know who created a list.

all lists results

When exported to Excel additional fields include a section count, published by (name) and student numbers.

All List Items report

The All List Items report also allows you to search for items on archived and draft lists

all items status

In the report results you can now see the book chapter or article title (in addition to the book/journal title)chapter title

The report shows when the item was added to the list AND the Last Published date, which should make it easier to identify where new items have been added to lists.dates in all items

The Excel export also contains many additional fields including Author, Editor, Issue, Volume Start page etc.


For the next week or so the Reports menu will show both the old and new reports so have a look at both and check out the differences. The old style reports will be removed on Monday 7th September (2015).

reports menu

Several of the report improvements are a direct response to enhancement requests we (among other customers) have asked for so it’s great to see them in RLO.

If you spot any problems with the new reports – or if you’d like to see even more enhancements – let me know.



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