Sierra 2.0 upgrade on 24th June

We will upgrade Sierra on the evening of the 24th June. Below are some of the new features and fixes available in the new version of Sierra. Please contact me if you want to know more about a particular issue or want to implement a new feature after the upgrade.


Create Lists

  • File names for Scheduler will be appended with dates to prevent files from being overwritten
  • Create Lists will allow searches using relative dates (YAY!!)
  • Scheduler will allow for relative dates when settings up tasks in the Admin App
  • Create Lists review files will display number and name when listing review files in various functions
  • Scheduler’s Admin App will display real-time updates made to review file


  • It will be possible in WebPAC to renew items when there are outstanding holds on the item, as long as there are also still enough copies available for those holds to be filled
  • There will be an option to include an explanation for why a charge was adjusted for patrons. This will be stored in fines history
  •  When printing a patron’s fines from the patron record Fines tab, it will be possible to show the total amount due as well as individual fines


  • Link maintenance will update records on-the-fly. This is not automatically set up with Sierra 2.0. Please open a ticket with Support to have this activated
  • Library designated status for LIB USE ONLY will return to LIB USE ONLY if the status is changed manually and then cleared
  • When checking in large number of items, it will be possible to have a running count of checked in items (IUG)
  • The “View Public Display” option in the SDA will allow sites that have Encore to see the record displayed in Encore
  • URL checker function will now recognize HTTPS URLS as valid
  • Limit option to allow for post-search limiting will be added in Sierra SDA for remote searches
  • Direct indexed searches will display browse list of similar items when “back to browse” is selected in SDA


  • Fiscal Close function will have a confirmation message when the process is completed.
  • Sierra SDA will have an indication as to which Fiscal close method is being used.
  • Acquisitions will be enhanced to parse GST when defined appropriately by a vendor in a Serials invoice
  • Acquisitions will be enhanced to parse VAT when defined appropriately by a vendor in a Serials invoice



Problem: Z39:50 prompts a pop-up after viewing any record
Description: When using the Remote/Z39.50 search in Sierra Desktop App, users are prompted to answer a “Cancel New Record?” pop-up after viewing any record, even if no edits have been made. Question should only pop up after an edit is made.

Problem: Verify heading browse list does not displaying title for name/title authority records
Description: Verify heading browse list is not displaying the title portion of a name/title authority record. This is a new problem in Sierra 1.2.1. Expected behavior is to display both name (subfield a) and title (subfield t) in the verify heading browse display window.

Create Lists

Problem: Lists limited to “Empty”: Copying of system-generated review files stops working
Description: In Create Lists, if you use the UI filter that allows the display of only Empty review files (other choices being All, Complete, In Progress, or Limited) to limit to Empty review files, copying review files stops working. The SDA client must be closed and restarted for copying to work again.


Problem: Unable to access Proquest databases with WAM
Description: Unable to access Proquest databases using a Safari browser- too many redirects.

Problem: Web of Knowledge registration form in WAM not working.
Description: Unable to access user registration form in Web of Science database through WAM. Form never loads- users are not able to register (or sign in), therefore significant functionality for this database is not available.

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