Reading Lists Online rollover 2016-17

UPDATE Dec 2016:

Prior to the rollover of a time period in Talis Aspire Reading Lists, you will now need to work to complete reviews for the current time period/s you are looking to rollover prior to your chosen rollover date.  Lists with a ‘Started’ review status will not rollover and must be completed first.

As documented in

On Thursday 25th May we will run the annual reading list rollover. Here’s some information about the rollover and some Q&A information you might find useful.

The new time period is 2017-18. It runs from 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018.

All lists will be rolled over as draft (not published). Only lists assigned to the current year 2016-17 will be rolled over. Lists not assigned to a time period will not be rolled over.

The rollover will take several hours to complete once it is started. I will start the process on Thursday 25th May so all lists should be rolled over by Friday 26th May. Some FAQs below.

Q. Will the newly created lists appear automatically in users’ My Lists collections?

A. No. Users will have to follow the link from the original list to the rolled over version, and if they wish, manually add this to their My Lists collection. After rollover, each list will show a link to the new, rolled over list:

Q. What happens to lists with unpublished changes?

A. The published version will be picked up for rollover. If the archive option is chosen, unpublished changes are lost.

Q. What happens to lists that are in draft only?

A. Draft lists are ignored in rollover, they won’t be rolled over, and won’t be archived, they can be published to the new time period post rollover.

Q. What happens to lists that have a review in progress?

A. Lists with a ‘started’ status will *not* be rolled over unless you complete the review.

If you have any more questions about the rollover, have a look at the FAQs on the Talis support site or ask me.



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