Calendars and LibGuides

Embedding a Libcal calendar into a LibGuide is simple. Libcal will create widgets for you which you can put into any LibGuide (or any other web page) by copying and inserting a couple of lines of script.

In Libcal, go to Calendars and click on the Widgets tab

widgets tab

Now choose how you want your calendar to display. For a small calendar, suitable for a side panel, try choosing ‘Mini Calendar’

mini calendar

Or if you want to display the full-size calendar select ‘Full Calendar’

full calendar

Fill out the rest of the options- you might want to try a few different settings to get the best result.

If you’re creating a mini calendar you will probably want to adjust the Size settings. The default size of 180 px by 500 px can be too long for LibGuides, resulting in lots of blank space. We’ve found that 180px by 300 px is a good size but play around to see what works for you.

calendar pixel size

When you’ve filled out all the fields you will see some embed code at the bottom of the page. Copy this into the media/widget option in LibGuides and your calendar will appear. (NOTE- you will only see the calendar in LibGuides in Preview or Live mode. In Edit mode you’ll see blank space. This can be very confusing!)

calendar code

The Widget creator has lots of different options available. Instead of displaying a calendar, you can choose to list upcoming events by selecting one of the ‘Events’ options. For example, below you can see what the ‘events in the next month’ option looks like.

Events this month

Here’s an example of a calendar displaying in 3 different ways. A mini calendar, full calendar and an upcoming events list.

3 calendars


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