Getting started with LibGuides v2

Here are a few tips to get you started with LibGuides v2.

You will notice that the navigation is a bit different. Instead of having a separate login for each Springshare application (LibCal, LibGuides, LibAnswers etc) all Springshare products will be gathered into one place called LibApps. You will be able to move between products using the Dashboard at the top left of the screen.


If you see the words ‘LibApps Dashboard’ in the top left corner, use the drop-down menu to move into LibGuides.

Springshare have created several help and training options. To find these, click on the Help button from within LibApps/LibGuides which should take you to a Springshare support page. I recommend in particular the training videos. Click on “LibGuides Training & Videos” then on the left hand side there is a pre-recorded training session called “VIDEO: Intro to LibGuides v2”. It’s quite long but introduces all the new features and changes in v2.

The training guides are worth a read too if you don’t have time to watch the full video- try ‘Beta Sites – Quick Help’ and ‘Changing Guide Options’ to get you started.

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