LibGuides v2 migration dates

We have  scheduled the data migration from live LibGuides into  LibGuides v2 to start Friday 6th June. What does this mean for you?

The data migration will copy all of the content in our live LibGuides system into our beta LibGuides v2 system. It should start late Friday afternoon or early evening our time so when you come in on Monday morning (9th June) all our LibGuides content will have been copied into our v2 beta site and you can start checking and updating your guides.

Once the data migration has started any further edits you make in LibGuides will *not* be copied into LibGuides v2. If you edit anything in LibGuides after Friday 6th June remember to make the same change in the new LibGuides system too.

Your account should automatically be migrated into the beta site and you will receive an email with details of how to login. If you do not receive an email please let me know.

If you have already created any new guides in v2 these will not be affcted so you will not lose your work.

We have tentatively scheduled Monday 23rd June as the LibGuides v2 go-live date which gives us 2 weeks to check and get our guides ready.

Springshare  run excellent training courses which introduce all the new features and functionality available in the new version of LibGuides. I will post links to the live and recorded training sessions on Monday.

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