Reading Lists Online rollover

Next week (week beginning 2nd June) we will be running the annual reading list rollover. Here’s some information about the rollover and some Q&A information you might find useful.

The new time period is 2014-15. It runs from 1st September 2014 to 31st August 2015.

All lists will be rolled over as draft (not published).

Only lists assigned to the current year 2013-14 will be rolled over. Lists not assigned to a time period will not be rolled over.

You can now invite people to become List Publishers for a draft list, under Edit> Invite List Publishers. However the email might go into Junk mail so you might want to let the academic know you have sent them an invitation.

Q. Will the newly created lists appear automatically in users’ My Lists collections?

A. No. Users will have to follow the link from the original list to the rolled over version, and if they wish, manually add this to their My Lists collection. After rollover, each list will show a link to the new, rolled over list:

Q. What happens to lists with unpublished changes?

A. The published version will be picked up for rollover. If the archive option is chosen, unpublished changes are lost.

Q. What happens to lists that are in draft only?

A. Draft lists are ignored in rollover, they won’t be rolled over, and won’t be archived, they can be published to the new time period post rollover.

If you have any more questions about the rollover, please ask.

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2 Responses to Reading Lists Online rollover

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi Lucy

    I have a question! Are people who were list editors of the 2013-14 lists automatically still publishers of the 2014-15 list, even though it doesn’t appear in their My Lists section?


  2. lucyclifford says:

    Good question! Yes, the new list will keep the same list owner and list publisher permissions as the 2013-14 list.
    It will also be attached to the same place in the heirarchy so you don’t need to re-link the new list to the heirarchy.

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