Use your keyboard to find a review file

We have a lot of review files in Sierra. This can be a problem when selecting a review file from some Sierra functions, such as Data Exchange and Global Update.  The review file number isn’t listed in the drop down list, making it difficult to quickly scan to the review file you wish to select and possibly causing eyestrain.

So, here’s a quick tip for finding your review file a little easier:

Type the first letter of the name of your review file.

In the example below, my review file is called “lc – LCS tests″.  In order to access it from the long list of review files, I tapped the “L” key on my keyboard repeatedly until my review file was selected.  This bypasses all the other review files that don’t start with L, so I just hit the letter ‘L’ until I see the file I want.

keyboard review files

As I always name my review files “lc – something” I know I can always use the “L” on my keyboard to find my review files which saves a lot of time scrolling through the list trying to spot the one I want. Nice and quick!

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