Function keys

Sierra, like Millennium, allows you to configure your keyboard function keys to work as shortcuts. Unlike Millennium, because your Sierra login is personalised and unique to you, you can now customise the function keys to your own personal requirements.

Function keys can do one of 2 things.

– they can ‘paste’ pre-defined text into a data entry box

– they can be a shortcut to a particular function

(or they can do a combination of these two things).

To change the behaviour of your function keys, go to Admin> Settings

Settings menu

and choose the Macros tab.


Here you can set the behaviour for your function keys. The first tab ‘No Modifier’ controls the behaviour of function keys F1 to F12. The second tab ‘ALT’ controls the behviour of the function keys used with the ALT button, e.g. ALT-F1 etc. Similarly you can set behaviours for Control plus function keys (CTRL-F1) and Shift plus function keys (SHIFT-F1).

Setting up a shortcut to ‘paste’ text is simple. Just enter the text you want into the appropriate Function key field and click “save settings” to save your changes to your login.

Paste text

Setting up a keyboard shortcut is a little trickier but still easy to do. You can access any function using keyboard shortcuts by using the ALT button followed by the letter that corresponds to the appropriate menu. The letter corresponding to each menu is underlined in the Menu toolbar.

For example, the screenshot below shows you how to get to the Checkout function. You need to hold down ALT then hit G (for Go)> u (for Circulation)> d (for Check Out (Circulation Desk)> h (for Check Out)

checkout shortcut

To programme a function key to do this ALT G u D h becomes:


F11 and F12

If you prefer using the keyboard to the mouse, go ahead and programme all your Sierra functions to be accessible by a function key.

Our Service Desks all have the following four functions programmed to the function keys. I would recommend that you keep these settings on your personal Sierra login to avoid confusion.

F7 (pastes text) 280080

F9 (pastes text) 380080

F11 (shortcut to checkout) %ALT+g%u%d%h

F12 (shortcut to checkin) %ALT+g%u%C

As always, if you need any help, just ask.

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3 Responses to Function keys

  1. Juline Ao says:

    Hi, may I know if there is a way to change the size of pop-up windows in Sierra, such as, when opening up a record? Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Juline Ao says:

    Unlike in the Check-out, Check-in modes, the cursor does not automatically show up in the search bar of Search / Holds, Course Reserves, etc., it would be great if cursor appears by default in the search bar of every function page.
    Thank you very much.

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