Sierra logins

The first difference you might notice about Sierra is that logging in has changed. In Millennium you need to use a different login to access each module – one for Circulation, one for Cataloguing, one for Serials etc. For some staff this means they frequently have to open more than one instance of Millennium in order to be able to perform all their regular tasks.

Sierra doesn’t separate functions by module. In Sierra we can create logins that contain *all* the different functions you need to perform your daily tasks. Functions are contained in ‘workflows’ which group sets of functions together. A workflow can then be assigned to one or more logins so each login is customised for the individual. Functions are accessed via the Function menu in the top-right of the Sierra screen.


In Sierra, your Millennium ‘initials and password’ becomes your Sierra login. You do not need a ‘Sierra login’ followed by ‘initials and password’ as in Millennium, your Sierra login combines both functions and permissions into a single login.*

*The exception is when you are at a service desk where we continue to use a ‘context login’ specific to each site combined with your personal login to set permissions. As in Millennium you still need to ‘clear and set’ permissions when working at a service desk.

Go ahead and login to Sierra with your current Millennium ‘initials and password’. You should find that the functions you see are relevant to the role you are currently doing. If you notice any problems (e.g. some function you regularly use is missing) talk to your team leader or to me.

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